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July 28, 2018

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Dog Boarding by Dr. Churan

I am Dr. Churan from the Animal Clinic of South Elgin.   In addition spay neuter and Heartworm Preventative  Medications, we offer a “pet hotel”  to clients.  If you want to become one of our clients, you can register online.  However, in order to stay at our new pet hotel, your pet must be current on all canine vaccinations and have no symptoms of any contagious disease.

Dog Boarding with Dog Runs of varying sizes.

This is our dog kennel facility and it is called Dog Runs. The kennels are of varying sizes since we have varying-size dogs. This is a large size kennel for a Great Dane. We have smaller kennels for small dogs. The kennels have glass frontage with stainless steel bars. We have a drain system in the back of each kennel that takes care of spills or accidents so that the dogs are not standing on wet floors which could be uncomfortable for them.

Dog Boarding Sanitation.

The block walls are epoxy-coated which allows for easy cleaning thereby making the facility very sanitary. Our goal is for our canine boarders  to be comfortable here and they need enough space for that to happen.  This is a separate section of our new pet health care facility.  This is not medical quarantine or surgery recovery.  This  section is dedicated to keeping your pet almost as happy as home.

Dog Boarding Includes Outside Potty Breaks.

We take the canine boarders  outside several times a day to relieve themselves. Other than that, the boarders  stay indoors where they can move around freely without being confined to a small cage.  Other dog kennel facilities use stacked cages.  This may be  OK for short-term warehousing of your best furry friend during surgery recovery or medical quarantine.  However, for longer stays,  a large run will make your pet happier.

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Dog Kennels at new pet health care facility offers different size dog runs for different size dogs. Your dog will be also be taken outside several times a day..

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