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July 28, 2018

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Kitten Cat Declawing is for indoor cats only.

I am Dr. Churan of the Animal Clinic of South Elgin and I’d like to talk about feline declaw surgery.  To remove a feline’s claws requires a commitment that your feline will stay indoor only. It is not fair to declaw an animal  and then throw it outside where it would be defenseless. There are some people who think that they’ll leave the back claws on so that the  kitty can have some defense when it goes outside.   Felines are not able to do karate kicks and defend themselves at all or climb a tree with their back claws. So, commitment to keep your pet  indoor only is required  and having said that, I think creating a positive relationship where your pet  is going to be a success in your home requires that your pet does not do destructive behavior because there is nothing more frustrating than having a pet  that is destroying your home and that you really cannot do anything about .

Kitten Cat Declawing creates a win-win situation.

So like spaying which makes any animal  a better pet,  so would removing the claws  an indoor-only feline whose natural behavior involves clawing of your furniture and of your walls. So, if we can manage that so that it is a win-win situation I think everyone is ahead and your kitty has a happy and loving family then for its entire life.

Also, small children may want to play. Kitty may not want to play.  A scratch can scar a child’s face for life.

Kitten Cat Declawing.  The younger the feline the better the outcome.

Removing claws is a surgical procedure.  It is done under general anesthesia and there is a recovery period during which point you will want to be very careful to keep the feet quite clean so that they heal. So just like a spay  or a neuter incision will heal, this  incision  of course will heal.  We want to declaw as young as possible.  The younger a cat is when we declaw the faster the healing process. I do have a problem where people say “Well, I’m going to wait and see if my cat is destructive and if they are desctructive then I will declaw them” and then we are faced with declaw surgery on   a cat that is four or five years old where people are very frustrated because the cat has ruined all their furniture and are just tired of it and now they need to declaw the cat at an older age which is frustrating for me as a caring veterinarian because then the cat will have a much longer recovery.

Kitten Cat Declawing is our recommendation for house cats.

So I think we need to recognize that most cats have the natural behavior to claw things so if we take care of that early just like we do spaying or neutering at a young age where it  is more humane to the cat, we are creating a more positive relationship with our cat. If you know people who have declawed cats including myself you will find  they are very healthy, happy pets and  do not have permanent psychological or other  problems from being declawed just like they do not have permanent psychological problems from being spayed or neutered.  So, that is our recommendation.  This is our kitty Daisy and she is an example of a very happy, healthy cat. She lives in our clinic and is a member of our clinic family.

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Cat declawing is reserved for indoor-only cats. If you have small children, declawing may be the only safe alternative to “getting rid of the cat”.

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