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February 14, 2023

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South Elgin Pet Vet, Dr. Churan, and crew welcomes you.

Hi, I am Dr. Churan from the Animal Clinic of South Elgin. This is my assistant Lori and over here is our receptionist Christina.  This is our clinic cat Taco Bell which we adopted a few years ago.  This is Arwin,  our Great Dane.  She also lives here and we have several Great Danes.  I established The Animal Clinic of South Elgin in 1976 when it was the only veterinary clinic in South Elgin. South Elgin had grown by leaps and bounds in those intervening years.

South Elgin Pet Vet, Dr. Churan, has a new pet health care center.

This is our new clinic which has grown tremendously from my old clinic to meet the needs of our new clients and their pets.  This clinic opened almost a year ago and we have much larger facilities.  We have dog and cat boarding strictly for our patients, a separate room for cats and a dog area for the dogs.  We have five (5) examination rooms where we see pets because of sickness or injuries.  We see pets for wellness.  We strongly promote pet wellness and testing of pets to make sure everything is working well.  We recommend annual wellness testing and routine vaccinations to prevent problems.  Prevention is always better than treatment.  We also like to do a lot of dental care to make sure that our pets stay healthy.  We do surgery on a daily basis which is routine surgery of spays, neuters and declaws of cats.  We also do surgeries for injuries and tumors which of course are not routine surgeries.

South Elgin Pet Vet has state-of-the-art digital X-Rays.

We have digital x-rays so that we can take x-rays and get the results instantly. We can download them to CDs, we can e-mail them to obviously anywhere in the world or to specialists to get their viewpoint on a case. We have fully equipped surgery rooms.  We have heated surgery tables.  We have heated cages for dogs and cats so they do not wake up to a cold place and be uncomfortable.  We do everything we can to keep pets as healthy as possible and if they are already sick, to get them better.

Dr. Churan, South Elgin Pet Vet’s Mission Statement.

Our goal is to have a wonderful relationship between owners and pets.  The better health we have with our pets, the longer and happier lives they will have – a win-win situation. So, we would like to welcome everyone with pets and who loves pets to the Animal Clinic of South Elgin.

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Dr, Jean Churan, Animal Clinic of South Elgin, offers affordable rabies shots, spay neuter, declawing, boarding, veterinary digital x-ray, and pet exams..

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