July 28, 2018

Before You Trust Your Pet's Health To A Cut-Rate Vaccination Mill, Please Request A Quote.

Dog Boarding Runs (847) 742-3906

Dog Boarding at new pet health care facility offers different size dog runs for different size dogs. Your dog will be also be taken outside several times a day

Heartworm Pet Meds (847) 742-3906

A Heartworm Pet Meds Warranty is NOT valid if purchased online. The drug company only pays for heartworm treatment if the heartworm pills were purchased from us.

Veterinary Digital X-Ray (847) 742-3906

Veterinary Digital X-Ray is easier on your pet. We can tell immediately if the X-Ray quality is good. We can immediately take another X-Ray. Pets often wiggle.

Pet Teeth Cleaning (847) 742-3906 ( South Elgin Vet 60177)

Pet Teeth cleaning may prevent future pet medical problems. Often bad breath in dogs or bad breath in cats is a sign of veterinary dental problems.

Cat Boarding at South Elgin Vet (847) 742-3906

You cats are part of the family. While you are away, your cats will be happy to stay at our expandable “Cat Vacation Condos”. Just view this video to see.