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Dr. Churan also performs breed standard dog ear cropping.

Get Puppy Dog Rabies Shots by Dr.  Jean Churan.

I am Dr. Churan from The Animal Clinic of South Elgin and I am here to discuss infant canine wellness. When you have a new pup in your family it is very important for him or her to get a physical exam and a health checkup as soon as possible. The reason for that is if puppies  have any kind of a contagious problem or health issue it is going to affect them much more seriously than an adult dog with the same problem. An infant dog has much less of an immune system than an adult dog and in addition, they don’t have a body weight to fall back on. An infant dog missing a few meals is much more serious than an adult dog missing a few meals. A very young dog can dehydrate very quickly compared to an adult dog of that same breed.

Also at this time, please talk to us about spay neuter.

Get Puppy Dog Rabies Shots before warranty expires.

Other times people have a certain guarantee or warranty from where they purchased their pet and many times that warranty has an expiration date, so if there are issues, you want to make sure you find out about those issues within that warranty period so that the breeder that you got your pet from is aware that the pet came with that problem and that they are able to take responsibility for it. Assuming there are no issues and that your infant pet is very healthy (which we all hope for) you want to make sure your very young dog stays healthy and the way we do that is by giving a series of vaccinations in parasite control. Just like children who get a series of vaccinations, a pup needs a series of vaccinations as well to protect them against diseases that they might come in contact with as their life progresses and we want to prevent those diseases.

Puppy Dog Rabies Shots may reduce costs.

Once a dog gets a disease, in many cases it can be treated; but, treating a disease is much more expensive and certainly harder on the dog as well as the owner than having prevented that disease in the first place. We also recommend for your dog to get well-socialized as a pup which means taking them around where there are other puppies and dogs, going to dog parks and taking your new pet with you to get used to other people and other places. I think it is a valuable thing to do to have your pup grow up to be a well-adjusted dog citizen; but, we want to make sure your puppy in this socialization and interaction process does not pick up any diseases or parasites.

Puppy Dog Rabies Shots includes other vaccinations and de-worming.

So a series of vaccinations which we tailor to your new pet’s needs are distemper and parvo, the two most basic vaccinations. We also recommend vaccinations against bordetella which is an upper respiratory disease and very highly contagious between dogs and when puppies get it, it can be very serious. Depending on your puppy’s lifestyle we also recommend vaccination against lyme disease if you are going to take your puppy to dog parks or any place where your infant canine may be exposed to ticks. We also recommend vaccinating against leptospirosis. It is a bacterial disease shed in the urine of opossums, skunks, raccoons, and mice, so if your infanct canine gets in contact with places where any of those animals urinated even if there is no direct contact with those animals, then your new pet could get leptospirosis which is life-threatening. It causes kidney failure. We are seeing much more of that in this area because many people say their dogs do not get out of the yard; however, wild life is coming into your yard. It might be the night when you are not seeing it.  There is wild life in everybody’s yard and every neighborhood just because of the nature of the suburban area that we live in.  Keeping your dog protected from parasites throughout their life is very important. A lot of people don’t realize that people can get parasites from their puppies or dogs. The Center for Disease Control recommends that pets living in our homes be kept parasite-free. We do a series of oral deworming for intestinal parasites. We also recommend medication to protect your puppy from heartworms (which is a blood parasite) as well as ticks and fleas, again depending on your dog’s lifestyle. Starting out your pet healthy and making sure that we control all the things that we can control health-wise is going to lead to a healthier and longer life for your puppy which is our goal.

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Puppy dog rabies shots with examination may detect problems while the puppy is under warranty from the seller. More importantly, it may prevent costly sickness.